Justin Martin of R-Squared Comicz Announces the Release of Lightweightz: The Anthology Part Two

Lightweightz: The Anthology Part Two

Lightweightz: The Anthology Part Two

Official Press Release

Justin Martin, educator, writer and founder of R-Squared-Comicz is proud to release Lightweightz: The Anthology Part Two, available today for purchase as a pdf on www.rsquaredcomicz.com. It is drawn and colored by Przemyslaw R. Dedelis and Lya, respectively. “Przemyslaw and Lya did an amazing job for [Lightweightz: The Anthology] Part One, and…are blowing my mind in new ways [with] Part Two,” says creator and writer Justin Martin.

Based on 1 Corinthians 12:7 (“Now to each one the manifestation of the spirit is given for the common good”), Part Two introduces readers to the remaining four Lightweightz, teenagers who discover they have unique abilities. As with Part One, Part Two focuses on the impact these abilities have on their lives, and their struggles in making sense of them. Each struggle is unique, and holds significant implications for who they will become.

It begins with Ayden the pusher, who begins to see just how much control he has over his situation. Next is Qasim the revealer, who’s determined to use his ability to help others, despite the toll it takes on his personal life. There’s Emi the adapter, who learns the hard way that it’s not about the ability, but about what you do with it. And finally there’s Gabriel the inscriber, whose ability makes him one of the most hunted and important characters for the events to come. “This time around, I wanted their abilities to be more central to their story, and for the stories to be a little more action-oriented,” says creator and writer Justin Martin. “Hopefully I’ve achieved these goals, and more importantly, convinced [readers] to care about each character.”

With Ayden’s desire for significance, Qasim’s commitment to doing the right thing, Emi’s need to belong, and Gabriel’s renewed purpose, Part Two gives readers a look into what motivates each character, and what lies ahead. And with a diverse group of characters and experiences, there’s something for everyone. So grab your copy, and let your light shine!

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