Lou Ferrigno’s Award-Winning “Liberator” Makes The Jump From The Silver Screen To The Comic Book Page



Official Press Release

The buzz over Lou Ferrigno’s award-winning superhero short film LIBERATOR (www.liberatormovie.com), which continues to pack houses at film festivals and comic conventions, and has won two Best Picture awards along the way, has skyrocketed with news of Bluewater Comics’ launch of the “Liberator” comic book series.

The film, which not only stars Ferrigno, but also Peta Wilson (“La Femme Nikita”), Michael Dorn (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”), kickboxing legend Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Ed Asner (“Up”), will take on new life in the comic, written by Liberator co-creators Jim Cirile (Writer/Executive Producer) and Aaron Pope (Writer/Director), with art by acclaimed graphic novel artist Gerry Kissell (“Code Name: Geronimo”) and Jon Woodard.

The special edition 2-issue comic series continues and expands the story from the short film and will feature likenesses of the actors, making the comics a must-have for genre fans.

Ferrigno is ecstatic about the disgraced but reinvigorated hero continuing on in further adventures, saying, “The rejection, the vulnerability, the anxiety — these are all the elements of why I think (Liberator is) an interesting character and in a way the ultimate superhero.  This movie has a message.  You can walk away feeling like you’ve learned something from the film, which some films today don’t have.  I’m excited to see this character continue and to see where the story goes in the future.”

According to the film’s director and co-writer of the comic series, Aaron Pope, “This story is really the maturation of the comic book hero, the tale of a man who isn’t just a physically powerful specimen, but is actually a man, a father, a real human being dealing with all the faults and failings that we all deal with in real life.  And it’s out of those troubles that Liberator finds his inner strength to stand up and fight for the truth.”

Jim Cirile, executive producer of the movie and co-writer of the comic, explains that, “It’s the thematic relevance that really makes this story worth continuing.  It’s about one soldier’s long, hard journey to the truth, the fortitude it takes to rise up against a corrupt system – and the toll that takes on family and friends. Liberator very much takes place in the real world, in the here and now, in a climate that is not especially friendly to whistle-blowers.”

The comic book series is set for release in August with the second issue a month later. A sneak peek at the cover art is available now, both in the standard issue and limited edition versions.  Darren G. Davis, CEO of Bluewater Comics says, “This is the perfect book for us to put into our stable. Working with icons such as Adam West, Julie Newmar, Bill Mumy and Dirk Benedict in bringing them into a fiction world is a big part of our company.  So we welcome Lou into our world.”

Lou Ferrigno will be promoting the series at San Diego Comic Con.  The next scheduled screenings of Liberator are: Fantastic Planet Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film Festival/Sydney in April and Big Island Film Festival/Hawaii in May.

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