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Astra Price is a new media artist creating video-based works. Her work often focuses on concepts that penetrate ordinary domestic life such as gender, politics and food. Her single channel works, installations, and performances have shown in many festivals and exhibitions in the United States and abroad. In addition to being a video artist, Astra also works as an archivist, educator and independent comic publisher for DWAP Productions.

Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire, a Post Completion Contemplation

Summer is a time to catch up on reading.  With a list of that included finishing the complete series of 100 Bullets, Queen and Country and DMZ, I don’t know why I allowed Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire,  to entire my already too large pile.  However, once it was in my hands it was hard […]

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Irene #1, Comic Anthology Edited by Dakota McFadzean, Andy Warner and DW

There are those comics that, not at all to their detriment, become deep stack comics – singular issues that seeming interesting but somehow get stuck far down in the pile only to be found at a much later time.  Irene #1, a short story anthology edited by Dakota McFadzean, Andy Warner and DW, is one […]

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Back to the Post-Future with Taking Off by Jack Bracken and The Infected by Chris Hartmann

  Post-futures are often fertile subject matters in the world of comics, indie or otherwise.  Two (somewhat) recent additions to this genre are Taking Off by Jack Bracken and The Infected by Chris Hartmann.  Each work occupies a different approach to the medium, with The Infected being presented as a webcomic and Taking Off as […]

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Boris, Robot of Leisure, the Complete Series by Katharine Miller

All objects, organic or inorganic,  have a period of maximum usefulness.  How that period is defined and who is in charge of its definition is at the core of the Boris, Robot of Leisure by Katharine Miller.  This series is post-future tale where Boris, a robot that is programmed to be the life of the […]

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I Stepped on a Duck! by Lonnie Millsap

If there is a time of the year to read I Stepped on a Duck! by Lonnie Millsap, summertime is it.  Long days allow for a particular type of meandering; a time when all activities do not have to be productive or full of deep meaning.  A collection of single panel comics, I Stepped on […]

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Princeless Book 2: Get Over Yourself by Jeremy Whitley

In many contemporary societies there is a princess complex brought about by trying to fuse together a history (both real and narrative) of women having palaces, riches and not much influence with current society in which women are not objects to be acted upon, but the initiators of the action themselves.  This “post princess” era […]

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Father’s Day Edition: Papa by Vera Greentea

Whether friends, foes, or strangers, the relationship that people have with their father colors their entire view of themselves and the world. Dealing with this most fundamental of issues, Vera Greentea takes on the concept of fathers in a three 10-page stories in the compilation Papa.  Veering slightly from the more commonplace perspective of an […]

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