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Meet some of our Contributors:

Dale Wilson is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of, co-founder of DWAP Productions, head publisher at and a Creative Editor at The Search Agency.  He is obviously busy all of the time but he seems to like it because he keeps coming back for more.  Dale has a BA in Literature and Language with a minor in religion from Webster University in St Louis MO where he met his wife, Astra.  He and his wife live near Glendale CA with their Pit Bull Mix, Griffin.  Dale is Google certified and on weekends, he writes about comic books and publishes them online and in print.

Richard A. Hamilton is a Los Angeles resident for 12 years running the founder of Dial “C” for Comics and the writer/publisher of Return of the Super Pimps and Miserable Dastards. In his free time, he seeks out new Indie comics, local beers, and –on good days — both.

Ryan Archer is an artist/web designer who loves comics. He publishes an online webcomic called “Lazy Bones” and in his free time he enjoys reading new comics and playing video games. The last video game he played in his free time was Castle Wolfenstein.

Andre Owens has been hiding in Los Angeles for over 15 years, a former Director of Photography, he now writes and publishes the cosmic comic, Force Galaxia. He is currently writing and plans to produce a webseries, The Psychedelic Detective. In his free time he enjoys long form television, sushi and a celebration of all things 420. His name’s not Supergreen!

Sheika Lugtu is a full time art student and comic creator based in Long Beach, CA. She keeps a daily comic diary at  She has a sketch-blog, a Facebook Page  and loves getting email. She watches bad TV with her stuffed cow, Lord Mooington, and devours her weight in bacon daily.

Heather Kenealy is a screenwriter working at a comic shop to support her superhero habit. She’s mostly Marvel, but damn, the new DCU sunk it’s bat-claws into her! Between getting paid in X-Men issues and obsessively playing Marvel: Avenger Alliance on Facebook, Heather’s had time to contribute to a short story anthology to support literacy, as well as manage to work on a couple of comics, including The Seekers for MTV Geek and Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, a gig she got by winning a contest to write Stan Lee’s next graphic novel. It’s about time too because this “starving artist” thing is for the birds.

Jared W Lindenberg has been drawing the whole of his life. He has done an extensive amount of creative work including illustration, concept design, graphic design, theatrical scripting, directing, and production management. A graduate of the Academy of Art University, SF, with a BFA in Illustration, he is now pursuing a freelance career in illustration, comic book inking, and is obsessively working on self-publishing his first graphic novella The D’Honneur’Bane. A frequent contributor to, he lives in San Francisco with his fiancé, his daughter, and BlkOps Myrtle—the cat.

Lloyd Wilson is an editor at, he tries to keep a day job, study education in grad school, and finish his first novel, all from somewhere in the DC Metro Area. Interests include: literature, film, television shows, academia, crime, the mafia, and comics.

Carl Dancy is the editor at in charge of 3-Page Previews.  Having lived in Southern California for nearly a quarter of a century, Carl still considers himself a “New Yawka” &  a die-hard Yankees fan. Carl is a self-professed super geek, nerd, comic book&  sci-fi movie fanboy, so much in fact, that he even named his son after a well known Star Wars character – Revan. Although he has taken some time off from the independent &  self-publishing game, Carl continues to believe in &  support the hard work &  dedication that he and so many others like him have contributed to an industry which is rapidly closing itself off to those with a vision of worlds outside of mainstream publishing.

Astra Price is a new media artist creating video-based works.  Her work often focuses on concepts that penetrate ordinary domestic life such as gender, politics and food.  Her single channel works, installations, and performances have shown in many festivals and exhibitions in the United States and abroad.  In addition to being a video artist, Astra also works as an archivist, educator and independent comic publisher for DWAP Productions.

Julia Glosemeyer is an art critic based in San Francisco. Her articles have been published by eventseekr blog, Art Practical, and Daily Serving. She is an immigrant and a feminist.

Dijon Prude is a comic book geek, a college student trying to obtain a major in Journalism, and trying to publish his own comic book in the near future. He’s worked on pop culture websites including, and he has a poetry blogsite called

Bryan Glosemeyer is writer and DJ living and playing in San Francisco, California.  He is an avid reader of speculative fiction and Eastern philosophy. In the coming year, look for several creative projects to be unveiled, including a contemporary dark-fantasy novel from DWAP Productions.

Calin Grajko is a feminist geek living in Los Angeles with his fiancee.  He has a BA and an MA in English Literature and has written extensively about the culture, mechanics, and narratives of video games.  He is a member of the Squadron of Shame, a podcast and group of like-minded individuals who discuss video games critically and has been published on numerous gaming sites.  Calin’s work with Buy Indie Comics marks his transition from comic fan to comic critic. Logo

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