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Identity Comics Unveils Their Inaugural Genre Bending Anthology, “Verge”

Official Press Release LOS ANGELES – Imagine one more comic book company, and imagine this company as awesome. Founded by a comic industry pro, Lars Canty, and professional screenwriter, Phillip Kelly, Identity Comics isn’t your run of the mill, superheros in spandex, saving the world assembly line. It’s off-beat, violent, eccentric. Lars and Phillip defy genres, and […]

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Cosmic Waves Anthology Marks Their Return

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COSMIC WAVES: 90′s INDY COMIC BOOK ANTHOLOGY RETURNS! Cosmic Waves originally collected stories back in the 90′s from the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror and beyond!  This new incarnation of Cosmic Waves will continue to present all new stories of mystery and wonder, from a group of talented creators from all […]

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Ugli Studios Anthology Scheduled for Release

Official Press Release State College, PA.  July 2013 Ugli Studios is proud to announce the official release of their second anthology; Ugli Studios Presents #2.  Ugli Studios Presents #2 contains three stories from artists Jason Lenox, Brian Allen and Joseph Freistuhler.  The anthology will be available during the summer of 2013 at select private signings […]

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3-Page Previews: Kayin the Precog

Inspired by 1 Corinthians 12:7 (“Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good”), Lightweightz is about eight teenagers who after discovering they have unique abilities, must now decide how they are going to use them. With Lightweightz I set out to tell a different kind of superhero story: One where each of […]

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Caffeine Dreams 01 from DWAP Productions

$3.00 w/ Free Shipping & Handling Caffeine Dreams 01, originally released in 2006 was the first book to be published by DWAP Productions.  It’s an anthology featuring 5 different creators.  The first story, Big Ships is a modern take on the classic 40s sci-fi genre.  The second story, On Becoming a Monster: Reunion tells a […]

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The Lovecraft Anthology vol. II from Self Made Hero

A comic book loving friend of mine, Chad Fifer is among other things, a known expert in HP Lovecraft lore. Check out his HPPodcraft.com as proof of that. It was this mastery of the macabre that got Fifer into The Lovecraft Anthology vol II and a trip to Britannia where he snagged a copy of […]

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3-Page Previews: Ugli Studios Presents: #1

The official poster of  Through the Eyes of Grizelda The poster depicts the fortress of the grand necromancer AMON KADESH under siege from the forces of good in the land of XENDRIA.  His familiar GRIZELDA watches with anticipation as the door is opened, and magic fire burns at both sides while undead giants rally the […]

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