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Baltimore Comic-Con (4 of 4): How do you beat the villain…

Official Press Release, Dark Horse Comics

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SnowCone City, Spoofing Power Rangers and Pokémon

SnowCone City Episode 1:  Penguin Rangers vs the Pet Monsters, written and drawn by Joseph Hewitt and published by Polar Bear Comix, takes the task of spoofing the already outrageous, mid-afternoon entertainment, Power Rangers and Pokémon.  Both Power Rangers and Pokémon were Japanese imports that saw the apex of their American popularity in the 1990s but SnowCone City […]

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My Day-Job in Online Marketing at The Search Agency is Awesome

As a kid growing up in the rustbelt, it seemed a complete pipe-dream to think that I would grow up and have a job that was not physical labor and that I enjoyed.  But after several false-starts, here I am working in online marketing during the day and in the comic book industry at night […]

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Pro’s Knows: Eric Carter

1. What is your daily/weekly writing regiment? I don’t have a regular pattern, I just write as needed, communicate online constantly, and document when necessary. It’s really a disorganized mess and I would be a better writer if I wrote fiction regularly. 2. When you write comic books, do you write for floppies (single issues) […]

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Solar Powered – The Boys Are Back in Town

Contrary to what is probably believed about me, considering the length of the articles I write here, I hate talking.  That’s not to say that I don’t like a good conversation.  Quite the contrary; give me an interesting subject with at least one knowledgeable participant, and a lengthy discussion becomes an exercise in great, dramatic […]

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SOLAR POWERED- INDIE: I Thought I Hated History But I Liked the Story of Yi Soon Shin

We all went to school, right?  And at some point, we found that there were, probably, a few subjects we liked, a few we excelled in, and perhaps a few we disliked; but for all of us, there was that one subject that, perhaps because the teacher didn’t understand you or couldn’t cater his lectures […]

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SOLAR POWERED – INDIE: When Good Ideas Aren’t Good Enough

This is a message for those of you reading this today that are, perhaps, getting the notion that you might want to be the next big thing in indie comics, and unfortunately, it won’t be what you want to hear:  Having a good idea is the easiest part of getting started in this game.  It’s […]

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