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Writer Extraordinaire, The Brandon Easton Interview

So Brandon Easton is this prolific writer who knows how to set goals and more importantly doggedly follows through, often to extremely satisfactory results. He came to L.A. with the intention of becoming a working screenwriter and has begun to find success. He practices what he preaches and constantly reaches out to aspiring film and […]

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Kuzimu Creator Brett Uren, An Interview

I spoke with the British creator Brett Uren a few weeks ago about his life and his creation, Kuzimu. His art reflects both Moebius and Giger influences although he’d disagree with the latter. Our interview left me wanting to read more of his comics, and I think you the reader will too. Who are you, […]

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A Look at Fanboy Comics, an Interview with Bryant Dillon and Sam Rhodes

I have this long list of potential interviewees, all on post it notes, doggedly taped to my desk. I just go down it and contact the next person up. Well, the next perspective creator was someone named Barbra Dillon. She is professional and personable and is in a company called Fanboy Comics along with her […]

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A Fans Perspective, an Interview with Jeremy Travis

I’ve been interviewing independent comic creators and artists for a few months. It’s been great, I’ve met incredible people that I plan to work with now or in the near future. However, I wanted to step back and get a fans view of this crazy indie comic world (plus a look at the mainstream). I […]

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An interview with Mixtape Creator Brad Abraham

Man, I sure was nervous when I started to do background on this week’s interviewee. Brad Abraham and I had a similar experience with an arc from film school to Indie comic creator. Only his rise was amazingly successful in both fields, where I’ve just plugged along in obscurity. It’s intimidating to interview someone who […]

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Those Aren’t Photographs? Artist Josh Talbott, an Interview

The first thing you notice when looking at Josh Talbott’s amazing photorealistic paintings of Lego’s and Lego mini figures is that he’s a master of light. These joints jump off the page, inviting you to take a second look, leaving you wondering how the hell  he did it. And he’s prolific, cranking out paintings faster […]

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A Power Comix Interview with Creator Derrick A. Rivers

I recently sat down with the creator/writer/artist Derrick A. Rivers who has made the long trip from art school, to Hollywood, to publishing his Power Comix Universe. We had a short discussion about his passions. Who are you, where do you live and where are you from? My name is Derrick A. Rivers. I live […]

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