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Official Press Release OCTOBER 10, NEW YORK, NY—David Lapham, the Eisner Award–winning creator of the smash hit Stray Bullets, is writing and drawing his own series again for the first time in five years, on not one, but two new creator-owned titles: Juice Squeezers and Kid McAlister! Called “a perfect start to an addictive new […]

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Superior to Superman

With Superior, as with several other of his creator-owned titles under Icon, the Marvel imprint, Mark Millar has taken another classic archetype and rewritten it his way.  Imagine, if for a second, taking Superman and making him contemporary, like something out of The New 52 or Marvel’s own Ultimates line.  And then, take it one […]

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Hickman’s and Dragotta’s EAST OF WEST takes on the Apocalypse

Official Press Release This is the Way the World Ends. The world is ending. Humanity’s final judgment is at hand, and the only hope for us is in the harbingers of our destruction: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This March, the new Image Comics series EAST OF WEST, a dystopian western by Jonathan Hickman […]

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The Underwater Welder, Minimalism in Comics

The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire is proof that comic books can be high literature.  This title is a near-perfect example of literary minimalism, the “…economy with words and a focus on surface description.”  Lemire establishes a very succinct structure where no detail is presented without it being 1) integral to the story and to the […]

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Millar & McNiven’s Nemesis – What Happened Here?

Well, there is plenty of ultra-violence and even a little gore-porn but I didn’t really get anything prolific from Millar & McNiven’s Nemesis.  It was fun to read at the time but I came away from the book not really caring.  In terms of art and writing, it’s crafted as well as any Big 2 comic […]

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Incognito: Bad Influences (2010) but Great Work

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have proven time and again that they are masters at comic book noir. I’ve read each of the Criminal books and none of them have faltered, they’ve only gotten better. They really started to prove their prowess when they threw the super-hero genre into the mix with Sleeper under Wildstorm Comics. […]

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