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Hell’s Never Looked So Good!

San Diego, CA (July 18, 2013) –Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, one of the best-loved comic creations of the past two decades, will be showcased in the acclaimed Artist’s Edition format from IDW! Mignola’s Hellboy, the star of comics and screen, will be a welcome addition to the rapidly growing Artist’s Edition library, IDW’s award-winning imprint. Featuring […]

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B.P.R.D.: Vampire #4 Review

Wow! If the cover wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping, as promised, Mignola and company deliver the goods in a major way with the 4th issue of B.P.R.D.: Vampire. This issue is a powerhouse that smacks you upside the head, and with unwavering preponderance, keeps the blows coming. Whereas the first two issues seemed […]

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Now we’re talking. Finally, vampires, vampires, vampires! The tension that has been slowly building over the past two issues finally reaches a glorious and gory climax. Vampires have finally arrived and they do not disappoint. Neither does agent Anders, for that matter, as he seriously proves his mettle. As it turns out, Anders is pretty […]

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B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth #107 Review

  B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth – Wasteland part 1, is the latest installment in the ever increasingly unimaginative, mundane, and downright boring adventures of the once great B.P.R.D. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some glimpses of greatness in Hell On Earth, the most notable of which being The Long Death and A Cold […]

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Official Press Release CHICAGO, IL, APRIL 28–Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani have created quite a stir with their work on some of the most fun and ageless comics of all time. They won an Eisner for Tiny Titans, their treatment of DC Comics’ Teen Titans, and their recent Kickstarter campaign for their Aw Yeah Comics […]

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Abe Sapien #2 Review

    After the pallid first issue, Abe Sapien #2, seems to be finding its footing. One wonders if issue #1 was even necessary, but perhaps, as the series progresses, some light will be shed, and all will be made clear. What is very clear, as of this current issue, is that religion is going […]

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Official Press Release CHICAGO, IL, APRIL 27–Following up on a collaboration which spanned multiple series, leading up to Mike Mignola’s return to both writing and drawing his beloved demon, artist Duncan Fegredo returns to tell a story about a young Hellboy’s first brush with hell. In this beautifully drawn fifty-six-page graphic novel, a young Hellboy […]

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